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Linden Labs and Second Life have just launched a new tool called a ‘browser’, that seems to be aimed at bringing the SecondLife and Virtual Worlds experience to a wider audience via simpler access.

This browser, called a “viewer”, will solve many of the ease of use issues Second Life had when it first emerged on the market. According to Linden Labs CEO Mark Kingdon, “The whole strategy is to break down the walls to make Second Life much more accessible to users and make it possible for all this incredibly rich content to travel outward—to travel to the web and be shared.” and Robert Scoble has a half-hour interview with Linden Labs CEO Mark Kingdon about the current state of SecondLife and this new product.  This new browser, the ‘viewer’, borrows several UI elements from typical web browsers like an address bar and friends lists, but still keeps all of the advanced features like the build tools.  In the words of Mr Kingdon:

Before we hit you with all the possibilities, and it was a bit overwhelming.  Now we are trying to make the browser so that as you need new functionality, it can be enabled and experienced.

Definitely sounds promising.  I didn’t hear any official release date, but it sounds imminent it was just announced on the SecondLife Blog.

PS: Is that Pooky Amsterdam sitting in Kingdon’s Office?  Congrats!

via Second Life launches new innovative browser.

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