Visual Thinker’s Way™ is offered under VizWorld™ as community learning and engagement umbrella of services and products, all directed at making better visual thinkers of us all. Visual Thinker’s Way™ serves both individuals and a wide variety of businesses, industries as well as the fields of education and companies and institutions established for social good.

Services and products

  • Training and teaching skills in applied visual thinking, design thinking, strategic design and other disciplines. These are offered in:
    • 1n-person coaching and classes
    • workshops
    • seminars
    • conferences
    • webinars and courses offered online via the web and through apps, including VR and AR platform apps and experiences
  • Community services
    • forums and gatherings, both in person (meetups, seminars, workshops and conferences)
    • VR and online virtual community platforms and spaces for virtual real-time activities
  • design and development of content, programs and apps that include training, teaching, development and marketing visual thinking-based products and services

Visual Thinker’s Way™ is part of the services and products offered by Dean Meyers Inc.