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sgi_newSilicon Graphics, what a tangled web you wove.. From the old days of the Infinite Reality cards, you were the name in computer graphics.  Seems that legacy has come to an end.  I’m hearing from people within SGI that, as of Monday, the entire graphics division has been eliminated.  That includes everyone from the Vice President of the graphics division on down to the engineers.

It’s a sad day for the people within SGI, as they scramble to find employment within their competitors like NVidia and ATI.  It’s a sad day for fans of SGI, as the “G” has lost all meaning.  What does this mean for the future?  We don’t know yet.  As we find out more, we’ll share with you.

If any of you within SGI have news or information to share, let us know via any of the means on our About page.

Update: 12:15pm I’ve just received word that PowerVUE, SGI’s hardware accelerated & distributed rendering system for OpenGL, is now dead.. RemoteVUE and SoftVUE (remote-visualization and software-emulation extensions to PowerVUE) are likely dead as well, but not confirmed.  RIP PowerVUE (2008-2009). We hardly knew ye.

Update 8/19/09 : An official response from SGI..

GARD Pro Not Registered