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Twitch storm: Storm Chasing on TwitchA 24-hour live-streamed relay featuring 200 online celebrities will sweep across the Twitch network starting on August 22 at 12 p.m. ET. The event, dubbed “Twitch Storm,” will showcase a new streamer every five minutes. At least 200 channels and their owners are slated to participate in this third Twitch Storm, from mega stars to niche content creators. Viewers (aka “Storm Chasers”) may follow the campaign along its route, experiencing interactive content as diverse as gaming, sports, music, health and wellness, and fishing.

Twitch, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon since 2014, is the 32nd most trafficked website according to Alexa, and the world’s most popular media outlet for streamed gaming content. According to Business of Apps, Twitch claimed 65% share of hours viewed (3.1 billion), and 72% of hours (121.4 million) streamed, against rival networks in Q1 2020. An estimated 3.8 million streamers broadcasted on Twitch in February 2020, according to Twitch Tracker. Daily viewers were recently reported as 15 million, with 140 million monthly users.

Twitch Storm exploits the broadcast “raid” feature on, allowing each streamer to send viewers to another live channel. Fifty dollars will go to one lucky watcher during each raid, courtesy of America’s Cardroom. Past Twitch Storms have seen payouts topping $14,000. This event is anticipated to be the biggest of its kind.

Twitch Storm provides opportunities for content creators to showcase their streams to new audiences. While it is relatively easy to produce and broadcast live content nowadays, it can be difficult to get exposure in a sea of big personalities and content options. Twitch Storm serves the Twitch community by promoting underserved communities, enabling larger influencers to give smaller broadcasters the big breaks they deserve.

Prior Twitch Storms featured streaming stars such as Destiny, Andy Milonakis and DKane. Channel growth for participants has improved by 10 percent overall. The upcoming Twitch Storm promises to be even bigger with streaming heroes like Ludwig and Fengrush in the mix.

The Twitch Storm application is available at Content creators wishing to apply for entry must provide their Twitch Channel name, email address, Discord username and details about why they want to participate in the Twitch Storm. Channel hosts will be selected based on content type and viewership. Chosen talent will be contacted with official rules and instructions.

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