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Vimeo now offers video makers the option of uploading and presenting 360 videos on their service platform, including 4K content, with various options for filmmakers that parallel there existing pro services.

They will allow even higher resolution uploads (up to 8K, they advertise), though the standard 360 player specifically goes up to 4K.

Screenshot from 360 video on vimeo: "The Future of Music" by Greg Barth

Screenshot from 360 video on vimeo: “The Future of Music” by Greg Barth

I’ve watched the promo video on a 17″ 4K monitor (pulling the video up to full screen mode) over a high-speed wireless connection and GEAR VR; the GEAR wins for clarity and seemed to have less frame drop/jerkiness to the video. I haven’t gone deeply into the specs on compression and other ways to compare them to other 360 film platforms, but as this is a very natural progression for them I would assume they are holding to their standard of pushing for the highest quality imagery possible while compensating for the bandwidth/compression issues that make picky film makers and visual artists chose Vimeo over other platforms.

Vimeo is also offering a variety of “how-to” videos for anyone interested in getting into 360 film making, consistent with their community-building efforts that they have always supported.

The dedicated landing page to get to their 360 side is here:

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